Summooo Time 02 September 2017

Summooo Time – The Beach

The beach is always the perfect family destination. Whether you’re on holiday abroad, in the UK or simply just fancied a trip out on a rare sunny day. You can relax on the sand while the kids amuse themselves playing games and building sand castles…. If only it was that easy. You’ll doze off for what seems like a short time, only to wake to find that you’re covered from head to toe in sand because the kids thought this would be funny (as did your partner). Combining this little prank with trying to keep an eye on them in the sea and stopping them from playing catch with jellyfish (yes we really have witnessed this) can really be exhausting. You’ll never be happier to see a bath when the kids are in bed, only to find you’re producing sand from places you didn’t think were possible!