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Ever since 1984, our family has specialised in making high quality natural yogurt with locally sourced milk, all at incredibly competitive prices.

We believe in...


You can rely on us. We go to the greatest lengths to ensure each and every pot of yogurt we make meets our exacting standards of quality and flavour. Each and every batch is carefully tested again and again and again, so you can be certain of the same great taste every time.


We’re proud to be a Lancashire dairy producer, proud of our range, the awards we have won and every single person in the Lancashire Farm family – and you’re more than welcome to join us.


We will only ever use natural ingredients in every single one of our products, never adding any funny stuff. We’ve built lasting relationships with Britain’s finest farmers over the years, and we continue to work closely with our suppliers and buyers to keep our prices as competitive as possible.


We believe in everyday value and producing a quality product for a good price, and we wouldn’t want to work any other way.

It all starts down on the farm

Our farmers

Our farmers

Here at Lancashire Farm, we value our farmers. The hard work and effort they put in every day supplies our dairy with the highest quality milk, which we then use to produce our award winning yogurts.

As a family run dairy, we understand the importance of working together. Over the years we have built up strong, fair relationships with all our farmers and their families. With regular visits and constant support, we feel it's necessary to be apart of what they do day in, day out.

The farms

The farms

Our primary source of milk is supplied by 20 different farms, all situated in the wonderful county of Lancashire. Some farms we have been working with for many years, others are more recent additions, but all are treated with the same amount of care and respect. We like to keep a good range of farmers supplying us and we are always looking to work with more farmers within the local area. We ensure we have a close, friendly working relationship, where both parties benefit.

No place like home

No place like home

We're Lancashire and proud. We believe it is important to stay local, that's why our primary source of milk is supplied by local Lancashire farms. No matter the cost, we are determined that this will never change. We feel an immense sense of pride to be from Lancashire, and one way of giving back is to support our local farms and farmers, through good times and bad.

With the picturesque rolling hills, amazing people, friendly towns and villages, plus much more, Lancashire really is a special place to be.

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Happy cows make great milk

Good moooooood

Good moooooood

The welfare of the herds is of the utmost importance. The herds on our farms are free to roam the field – although they are kept nice and warm inside when the winter weather sets in.

A healthy, happy cow produces quality milk, and we wouldn't settle for anything less in our yogurts. Close monitoring of the cows and their yield means any potential problem can be spotted immediately and dealt with before it becomes anything serious.



Cows are milked at least two times a day, in the morning and the evening. The milk is then stored in a refrigerated tank until a tanker arrives to collect and transport it to our dairy.

We receive milk daily and run regular comprehensive tests to ensure the quality of milk is within our guidelines – to make award winning yogurts you need top quality milk, and we will never settle for anything below our high standards.

Here comes the science part

The taste test

The taste test

Since 1984 we have been producing consistent, creamy yogurt, picking up many awards along the way. But making yogurt isn't an easy process, and there are many factors that can alter the consistency and the flavour of the product with no batch being the same. It's taken many years of experience, hard work (and some spilt yogurt) to get where we are today.

Our skilled production and comprehensive testing teams are a vital part of the process. Intense testing is carried out on every batch of yogurt we produce and records are kept for the full duration of the product lifetime.



This is where things can get a little bit heated. To make sure all our tasty yogurt is safe to eat we need to make sure we get rid of any nasty bacteria. We heat the milk up to clean the milk and provide the best environment for the cultures. It’s the cultures we use which give the yogurt that award winning taste!

We pasteurise before the cultures are added to make sure they remain active in the yogurt, which might explain the ‘bio-live’ on the pot. Depending on the product we’re making we use a variety of cultures to achieve the golden standard our customers expect.

The all-important biocultures

The all-important biocultures

Bio-cultures are live bacteria which when added to our yogurts, give them an irresistible, creamy taste. All the Lancashire Farm range contain the biocultures Bifidobacterium BB12 and Lactobacillus acidophillus.

Bifidobacterium BB12 is a particular strain of the bifidobacterium animalis bacteria and Lactobacillus acidophillus is a species of gram positive bacteria in the genus Lactobacillus.

All of this can get a bit complicated, but to cut a long story short, it's what helps our yogurts taste as yummy as they do.

Off to the shops

Happy faces

Happy faces

Keeping our valued customers happy is something we take very seriously. A lot of hard work and effort goes into making our yogurts, so listening to a happy customer with positive feedback is something we want to hear every day! All feedback, positive or negative, is taken on board and if necessary passed onto the relevant department. We love hearing new ideas people have for our products and we are constantly looking to develop new and exciting yogurts.

Our fleet

Our fleet

Early on in the Lancashire Farm story, we were delivering locally using our own fleet of vans and vehicles, however as the business quickly grew, we realised we needed something a bit bigger to transport our yogurt! We now boast our own fleet of trucks and trailers, alongside some smaller vans, which ensure our pots of yogurt are delivered on time and in-store, ready to be taken to a new home.

Our full range

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Our awards

We work incredibly hard to maintain a golden standard across the board, so it’s great to see our efforts being rewarded.

Four gold awards
Nantwich International Cheese Show

Best Drinking Yogurt
Best Pro-biotic Yogurt
Best Double Cream
Best Low Fat Fruit/Flavoured Yogurt

Award Winner
Great Yorkshire Show

First - Low Fat Yogurt, Natural (2014)
First - Low Fat Yogurt, Flavoured (2014)
First - Whole Milk Yogurt, Natural (2014)
First & Second - Drinking Yogurt (2014)