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Summer Delights

With the long summer nights, now is the perfect time to pull out the barbecue and make some exotic dishes.

Ingredients that home cooks may never have thought of can help cook-up some delicious summer dishes that move away from the same old barbecue dishes. Yogurt is an ingredient we are all familiar with but can often be underused. However, this wonderfully versatile ingredient can be a fantastic addition to any recipe.

Traditionally, yogurt is often eaten in single portions, whereas Lancashire Farm Dairies’ yogurt is ideal for everyday use, whether in creating a refreshing fruit dessert or a delicious barbecue marinade.

Azhar Zouq, managing director of Lancashire Farm Dairies said: “With consumers becoming more adventurous and looking to expand their taste horizons, yogurt can be a perfect ingredient to increase the amount of exotic dishes in a home chef’s repertoire.”

Yogurt products like natural bio, fat free and Greek style can be great ingredients to add to freshen up a dish. Here is just a taster of how yogurt can be used when cooking up some great summer dishes:

 Yogurt marinated chicken – this sumptuous and refreshing dish is perfect for the barbecue, marinated in yogurt and lemon herb sauce that helps keep the chicken extra succulent.

Barbecue yogurt sauce – a great accompaniment with your barbecue delights, a mixture of low fat yogurt, cheese, a squeeze of lime, garlic, chives, onion, parsley, and a dash of salt and pepper, this will really liven up any cooked meat.

Yogurt and potato salad – a light and tasty side that is perfect for accompanying your freshly cooked barbecue food. Mixed in a yogurt and dill dressing that helps to bring the potatoes to life, this salad tastes fantastic and is a great replacement for a heavy, unhealthy side dish. Visit our recipe section to learn more.

Lancashire Farm Dairies has also launched a fruit range including strawberry, coconut and mango flavours and, a first of its kind, raita yogurt.

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