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Say Hello To Our New Site!

Ahhh that new website smell. Our new packaging was just the beginning… We’ve completely revamped our website from top to bottom and today, we’re excited to finally show it off in all of its glory.

We’ve done things a little differently this time around. It works beautifully on any device you can throw at it, there are lovely animations and flourishes peppered throughout, and we’re working hard to fill it with blogs and recipes to give you a decent reason to keep coming back time and time again.

We like to think the new site has something for everyone. Anyone can appreciate the subtle movement of the scenery as you navigate through the sections of our “about us” page, for instance. Lancashire Farm fans of all ages will be eager to try out our recipes, and we’ve even got something for the littlest yogurt fans in the form of a colouring-in sheet you can print off at home.

Now, for those of you that haven’t been able to try out our range – we’ve rustled up something special. If you click on the “stockists” bit on our menu, you’ll be taken to our new stock finder. Pop in your postcode and we’ll show you the nearest store to you that sells our range – it’s as simple as that. You’ll have our yogurt in your hands in no time!

Hopefully the rest of the site speaks for itself. It’ll only get better as we fill it up with blogs and recipes. Speaking of our recipes, we’re planning to have two kinds of recipe on this site. Some will be quick, easy recipes which you’ll find alongside this very blog post in the “media” section. For the “recipes” section, however, we’re going a bit further – we’re bringing a specialist chef in to pick their brains, and then we’re making sure to capture the whole thing with either a video, or some professional photography – we aren’t quite sure which yet, but you can keep up with any recipe-related developments on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

Finally, we’d love to hear your feedback on the site, especially if you encounter any hiccups or bugs as you flick your way through it. The new site has been a labour of love, but we could well have missed something on your particular device configuration.

We hope you like our new look, and our new site. We’ve got a lot to look forward to this year, and this is just the beginning. Thank you to the wonderful people at AHOY for building and designing our new site and packaging, to all of our lovely staff who have given their feedback throughout the redesign process and to you, our customers, for your continued support.

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