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Our Commitment To Yogurt

With a new lick of paint on everything Lancashire Farm, we thought it was high time we set down everything we believe in, everything that has gotten us to where we are today. We’ve gotten our heads together and these four values are the ones that came out of that.

Technically, we do mention these values on our about page but we wanted to explain them a bit more in depth here. These four guiding principles are what we live to provide and maintain to keep up the golden Lancashire Farm standard you’ve gotten to know since we started in 1984.


We are, and always will be, dairy producers through and through. You can rely us, our 30+ years of experience are a testament to that – we aren’t going anywhere, that’s for sure! We aren’t ones to rest on our laurels, always testing our award winning recipes to make sure you’re always guaranteed that irresistible Lancashire Farm flavour.

Your interaction with us should be consistent too, come to think of it. We’ve never believed in putting on airs and graces to maintain an aloof brand image – the way we communicate right here is exactly the same way we’d speak to you on the phone, over Facebook, Twitter and so on.


Pride is something we really hope comes across in everything we do, as well as how we put ourselves across. We’re a family-run business and we absolutely invest in our people. We’re a company that our staff are proud to work for – they honestly and wholeheartedly enjoy working for us. We want everyone to be part of our farming family, and we’re always looking for new faces to join us.

Really, without wishing to blow our trumpets too much, we’ve got a lot to be proud of. Whether it’s our not one, not two but four gold awards from the International Cheese Awards in Nantwich, or our four first place prizes from the Great Yorkshire Show. Our success is no lucky break, though; it’s the result of hard work – plain and simple.


We work very closely with our suppliers and buyers, and have built lasting relationships with Britain’s finest farmers over the past 30 years. We only ever do business in a way that respects everyone involved. There are people behind every business, and we never lose sight of that. We will only ever use natural ingredients in everything we produce. Our policy is strictly one of using no funny stuff and no nonsense in any of our recipes.

It’s because of our confidence in our product, and the success and lovely feedback we’ve had over the years that we can afford to be honest. We don’t need to bombard you with jargon and marketing speak, we’ve got nothing to hide and a lot to be proud of – so why would we be anything but honest?


We think that every business should strive to provide the best quality product they can for a competitive price. We know that’s what our customers value, and we do too. We also value our family, our passionate staff and our community – it’s why we are devoted to helping charitable organisations that help build and enrich communities at home and abroad, as well as supporting families.

This is probably a lot to absorb in one sitting, but it’s honestly been a big ol’ love letter for us – we do get carried away sometimes. We hope you enjoyed reading as much as we enjoyed writing this, and we hope you’ll give us a try or get in touch with us soon.

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