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Perfect for Back to School

Over a quarter of children’s school lunches contain unhealthy sweets, crisps and a fizzy drink. Lancashire Farm Dairies is looking to change that, as its delicious and versatile yogurt range are the ideal alternative for the lunchbox as children head back to school.

Using yogurt can be a great way of adding a healthy snack to lunchtime or can be a delicious ingredient to add to a recipe. Lancashire Farm Dairies’ selection of yogurts offer the opportunity to include a healthy and delicious snack for that tricky school time lunch.

Azhar Zouq, managing director of Lancashire Farm Dairies said: “More and more parents are finding it hard to find a balance between a healthy option, and also something that their children will like. Lancashire Farm Dairies’ larger pots of Greek and fat free natural yogurts offer parents the opportunity to add a healthy ingredient to a packed lunch.”

Using yogurt to create new and exciting dishes can help engage children in what they are eating, while easing parents’ minds as they know their children are eating something healthy.

Azhar said: “Often yogurt is seen as an ingredient to be eaten individually but that is not the case. Lancashire Farm Dairies yogurts are great for adding to a dish and can really help to liven up school lunches.”

Lancashire Farm Dairies also offers a number of other products including soured cream and a first of its kind, Raita yogurt. A selection of fruit yogurts are also available in the exotic flavours of mango and coconut and the more traditional strawberry, which can be a great snack to add to the lunchbox.


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